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Enjoying Your Growler

Our refillable growlers are the perfect way to share your favourite IRBC brew with friends!

To Ensure Optimum Quality:

  • Keep refrigerated.
  • Keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Ensure cap is secured tightly.
  • Best consumed within 36 hours after filling.
  • Beer stored in a growler will slowly lose carbonation. Once opened, and exposed to oxygen, the beer will begin to flatten much quicker.

Growler Care:

  • Once empty, rinse immediately or refrigerate until washing.
  • Rinse the growler with hot water three times. Do not use detergent to clean the growler as trace amounts can produce off flavours in your next fill.
  • Set it upside down to air-dry; a wet growler will encourage bacterial growth.
  • To avoid trapping stagnant air, store the empty growler uncapped.


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