Forged in the Heart of Labrador West.

Welcome to Iron Rock, Labrador’s first craft brewery and taproom where locals come together as a community.

Iron Rock’s first spikes were driven by Brian and Dave Hurley, two brothers with deep mining roots and a passion for great beer. However, the company wouldn’t be where it is today without its dedicated team, past and present.

From Our Family to Yours.

Mining is in our blood. And everything that’s happened since the day our great-grandfather first descended into the mines of Bell Island has led us to this pursuit.

Iron Rock is a celebration of a people whose roots go deep – miles deep into the heart of this land. It’s a tribute to the iron will that could only be forged by generations of hard-working people. It’s a raised glass to your perseverance and character, and everything you’ve built here. The people of Labrador are the Iron Rock. This brewery is our salute to you.


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