Forged in the Heart of Labrador West.

Welcome to Iron Rock, Labrador’s first craft brewery and taproom where locals come together as a community.

Our beer is handcrafted by Brian and Dave Hurley, two brothers with deep mining roots, and a passion for great beer. Iron Rock is made by locals for locals. It’s our salute to the hard-working people of Labrador West who’ve carved a way of life from the industry.

From Our Family to Yours.

Mining is in our blood. And everything that’s happened since the day our great-grandfather first descended into the mines of Bell Island has led us to this pursuit.

Iron Rock is a celebration of a people whose roots go deep – miles deep into the heart of this land. It’s a tribute to the iron will that could only be forged by generations of hard-working people. It’s a raised glass to your perseverance and character, and everything you’ve built here. The people of Labrador are the Iron Rock. This brewery is our salute to you.